What our clients say

Many of our clients achieve pain relief and other neuro-muscular improvements. For many, it's been very helpful to be able to exercise without aggravating pre-existing conditions. Regardless of individual goals, everyone reported better fitness and a sense of well-being. Please review feedback that we received from some of our clients. If you have any questions please give us a call at (650) 703‑2010.

After back surgery

"Working with Olga seemed like a very good physical therapy. I had such good results that I brought my 85-year-old mother after she had two back surgeries. She, like me, now thinks of back pain as an unusual occurrence!" - Margaret L.

Debilitating lower back pain

"I began seeing Olga in August 2010 after years of lower back pain (degenerated disc disease)… Within a few months I was able to again lift my own luggage (had not been able to do so for several years w/o having pain later). I continue to see Olga today and am a believer in what ABM can do for people who suffer from debilitating lower back pain." - Tina S.

After months in wheelchair and on crutches

"“My husband injured his feet pretty badly early this year. He had been in wheelchair and on crutches for months. Finally a friend told us about the Anat Baniel Method and that’s how we found out about Olga and her amazing work. She worked with Paul for several sessions, and he could immediately feel the improvements after these sessions. Olga is patient, knowledgeable, and she is very flexible in fitting us into her schedule. We truly appreciate her work and would highly recommend her!” - Elaine B." - Elaine B.

Making daily life enjoyable

"“I have gained strength, as well as improved balance and posture, making my daily life more enjoyable with less effort. I leave every class feeling refreshed and relaxed and recommend your work to everyone.” – John Cummings" - John Cummings

Overcome physical limitations and injuries

"Mark and Olga have a thorough background in different modalities and a soft and caring teaching style. They helped many students at my studio. I highly recommend working with them to overcome physical limitations and injuries and gain new body awareness." – Noelle Wood

Aches and pains during pregnancy

"I have been working with Olga for over a year now learning the Anat Baniel Method and I really feel transformed. I first starting experiencing aches and pains back in high school- first my knees, then my lower back, then eventually my upper back. I did physical therapy, but eventually just gave up doing many activities because no matter how much I exercised and stretched, I would feel those pains return if I ran, for example, or even just knelt down. Since I began seeing Olga, the pains have really disappeared. I was able to run my first half marathon. I started playing volleyball again. I no longer stretch, or even feel the need to stretch. I’m now 8 months pregnant and attribute my lack of the typical aches and pains that most pregnant women complain of to the fact that I still have weekly lessons with Olga. I’m so thankful for Olga and would recommend anyone who has ever suffered a nagging injury or even just “regular” aches and pains to give the Anat Baniel Method a try, because there is no reason to ever have aches and pains be considered regular." – Kristen A.

Recovery from a very painful pinched nerve

"Last year I had a very painful pinched nerve in my neck, and I was incapacitated for a few weeks. I tried painkillers…, acupuncture and chiropractic, but they were limited in their effectiveness. Then my supervisor at work recommended Olga to me… I found Olga to be a very positive, reassuring and caring practitioner. She explained the (Anat Baniel) method very clearly… I felt slight improvement after a couple of sessions, and a significant improvement after a few weeks. I felt not just a reduction in pain but also a tangible difference in the way my arms, hips and legs all felt in my walking and my daily movements. I became more aware of the subtleties of the way I move that I never noticed before, and how I can positively affect those movements. I found Olga’s skills to be effective, consistent and impressive. I am much better now… Olga Lubarsky and the Anat Baniel method have been a blessing in my life!" – Peter Bartok

Children with Special Needs

"In April we had the good fortune of meeting a traveling ABM practitioner, Olga Lubarsky. She worked on our daughter who is 12 years old and has cerebral palsy. She is non-ambulatory, has spastic quadriparesis, and dystonia. We started ABM lessons for our daughter last summer and were happy to get the chance to get her more ABM lessons. Olga approached Jewel with such gentleness, integrity, and sweetness which made Jewel trust her right away. She allowed Olga to work on her, and her body slowly transformed, getting softer and opening up, as if moving forward. Going from tightness to openness, from congestion to open airways. When I carried Jewel to the car she was able to melt to my body and it appeared like she was carrying some of her own weight instead of spastic and stiffness. Jewel was struggling with congestion during this time and the lessons helped work out most of the phlegm, and opened up her lungs for more efficient breathing, changing the quality of her life. We had one solid night of complete settled deep sleep: this is very rare for us. Her nervous system seemed to unwind and settle down. She moved through some emotion during one period but this did not hinder her from wanting more lessons. It is as if with each group of ABM lessons, Jewel’s speech improves. She is exhibiting more neck movement and more midline control. I will continue to look forward to Jewel gaining more connection with her body and health, as we continue to seek out ABM lessons for her. It was very special to watch the lessons, how genuinely gentle, slow and respectful Olga was with my daughter. Olga has such heartfelt integrity and her caring match her skilled hands, teaching my daughter. She always asked Jewel’s permission, included her in conversation and seemed to know where Jewel needed most help. Jewel said that Olga had the “magic”, for this is how she describes the ABM lessons and what it feels like on her body." -Ivana