About Us

We are Mark and Olga Lubarsky, husband and wife. We’ve been practicing movement methods here in San Mateo area since 2001. Originally, we founded Pilates Family® studio where we focused on physical rehabilitation and prevention from injuries. In 2007, we discovered Anat Baniel and Feldenkrais methods. This experience had opened our eyes to new possibilities to help our clients. We studied with Anat Baniel for several years and expanded our practice to include this powerful transformational work. We observed significant changes in our clients’ well-being, from natural pain relief and recovery to achieving maximum potential through ease and freedom of movement.

Olga was raised in a family of a well-respected Orthopedic Doctor. She observed her grandmother saving injured patients on a daily basis. Olga grew passionate about helping those in pain, which brought her to this profession. After years of Pilates instruction, Olga was inspired by the power of Feldenkrais method (specifically ABM NeuroMovement) and found ways to integrate two modalities. Olga is a certified Pilates instructor since 2002. She also completedover 1000 hours of Feldenkrais-based training with Anat Baniel (2009-2012), including Children’s Mastery certification and Vitality and Anti-Aging Mastery. Olga is offering Functional Synthesis(™) lessons (hands-on work), Transformational Movement Lessons(™) and Pilates.

Mark’s main passion and area of focus is helping people dealing with problems related to modern lifestyle and associated injuries and limitations. Mark is a software engineer by trade and has also played competitive national draughts/checkers in the former USSR during his early childhood. As a result of his profoundly sedentary lifestyle as well as premature birth and related illnesses, Mark has suffered many aches, pains and limitations in mobility. Introduction to the Feldenkrais method and, specifically, the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement has changed his life and gave him a sense of higher purpose that he can now fulfill by helping others. Mark has completed over 1000 hours of training directly from Anat Baniel throughout ten years and will be continuing his Mastery training with Children with Special Needs, Vitality and High-Performers in 2019-2021.